There are four distinct seasons: Accommodations Our apartment was a 15 minute walk from the center of town. Mondi SCP is a paper and pulp factory and is the biggest employer in the Ruzomberok district and the Liptov region.

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The gallery is also a area for the regular series of concerts, called 'Hudba u Fullu' [8] Music at Fulla. Around are four distinct seasons: Ružomberok is nowadays also considered at the same time as a good shopping town, along with almost all supermarket brands. The resulting pollution has remained individual of the biggest challenges in front of the town. Ružomberok is located in the rain shadow of the mountain ranges of Better Fatra and Chočské vrchy. The soccer season had just kicked off and MFK Ružomberok had a home match the week we were there. A dozen fans from the visiting band had an entire section en route for themselves in the stands conflicting the main grandstand. After the break-up of Austria—Hungary inRužomberok became a part of Czechoslovakia.

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