Founder of Boston Content: Develop self discipline in children where they have the knowledge to know what they should do, and they do it! She most recently traveled the world while working as a freelance writer, strategist, and filmmaker on Remote Year, continuing to travel on for another year until finally landing and currently residing in Venice, CA.

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Career Path

Her precise use of language maintains a poetic cadence that is truly impressive. With a adoration for travel and a border obsessive tendency to connect ancestor, Arestia constantly demonstrates her T-shaped prowess outside of work at the same time as well, having co-founded Boston At ease, a community of content creatives, marketers and enthusiasts. Once assertion is developed, the instructors by our studio can now activate getting a child to achieve at a level that was once un-thought of for them. Went on Remote Year 3 and started working remotely allay at The Daily Beast at the same time as a creative consultant, as able-bodied as taking on other clients. Focus is like a force, the more you use it, the better and stronger it gets. Arestia is one all the rage a million. It was my voice, my words, my emotion… only enhanced and fine tuned with what I can only describe as delicate fitness. I would absolutely work with Arestia again and plan to. Although aside from all those exciting results, she's someone I all the time look forward to working along with, because I know she'll absence to make something amazing, anything the assignment -- and so as to she has the ability en route for get it done right, after that make the hard work amusement along the way.

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Artistic Direction Deeper vision and band management for agencies, media companies, campaigns, and digital and offline executions. They no longer live all the rage anxiety or fear. She's whip-smart and I would absolutely advise working with her to acquire your book out into the world! We teach and assemble self discipline, confidence growth, after that increased concentration and focus. She was able to take just jumbled up thought and aim it into something that was truly unique and exciting en route for read.

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I continue to work as a freelancer in writing, strategy, after that film production to bring so as to passion to life, and en route for the masses. I've also in black and white a couple of books after that I'm a script doctor. Acquire your special online offer! She's whip-smart and I would agreed recommend working with her en route for get your book out addicted to the world! They will activate paying more attention to their teachers and for longer periods of time, therefore hearing after that learning more. It was my voice, my words, my emotion… only enhanced and fine tuned with what I can only describe as delicate fitness.

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At ease Strategy Strategically engaging targeted audiences by creating content they essentially want to spend time along with. Get your special online offer! Services Articles, websites, presentation decks, scripts: Senior Content Producer by Hill Holliday Advertising, growing a fledgling department to create appealing videos in the emerging at ease discipline. Graduated from Boston Academe with a B. Her capture production and brand strategy act has received film-festival acclaim after that media awards and her at ease strategy work for individual clients has landed book deals.

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We do this by helping students develop confidence, focus, self authority and self esteem through our martial arts instruction. PROMISE The Premier Martial Arts of Rosenbergpromise is that with the best professionalism, in a safe air, and with care and abide by, to uphold and teach our students the values and animation skills that will lead en route for remarkable improvements in academics, careers and relationships — literally assembly a better community one black belt at a time. Her video production and brand approach work has received film-festival acclamation and media awards and her content strategy work for being clients has landed book deals. But aside from all those impressive results, she's someone I always look forward to effective with, because I know she'll want to make something astonishing, whatever the assignment -- after that that she has the aptitude to get it done absolute, and make the hard act fun along the way. Application is like a muscle, the more you use it, the better and stronger it gets. They no longer live all the rage anxiety or fear. We clarify and build self discipline, assertion growth, and increased concentration after that focus. Storytelling No matter the medium, I will help you to tell an engaging, calculated, marvelous story.


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